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Relay Partner: A Beneficial Business Connection
Making the most of your business means making the most of connections. Relay Partner promotes relay awareness, encouraging beneficial connections by telephone between relay users* and businesses alike.

What is Relay Partner?
The purpose of the Relay Partner program is to familiarize businesses with relay calls and reduce or eliminate hang ups that relay users sometimes experience when conducting business by telephone. Businesses unfamiliar with the simple steps involved in a relay call may unknowingly hang up when they hear a relay operator on the line, thinking they are receiving a solicitation or marketing call of some type. However, what they actually are hanging up on could be a sale or some other business opportunity.

It's free and convenient
It's free to join Relay Partner and your business can sign up right here. After joining, the only investment your business must make is a small amount of time for education and training. No special equipment is needed, other than a standard telephone. What's more, for the first time, all educational materials are conveniently available online.

Any business may join Relay Partner, as long as the state the business operates in offers the Relay Partner program. To sign up, click on your state (far left). If your state is not listed here, contact us.

Why Join Relay Partner

Partner Participating States:
Georgia Relay

Virginia Relay

*Who are relay users?
Relay users are the thousands of people in your state with hearing or speech disabilities who use the phone for business (as well as pleasure). They depend on a public service, known as relay, that is offered in every state throughout the nation. Relay makes it possible for them to carry on phone conversations with everyone—businesses, loved ones, friends—who uses a standard phone. Relay gives people with hearing or speech difficulties equal access to telephone communication.