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Virginia Relay Partner: Making the Most of Worthwhile Connections

Thank you for joining Virginia Relay Partner. Now, you can play an important role in achieving the program’s goal: to reduce or eliminate hang ups when Relay users make business calls through Virginia Relay. In return, there are thousands of people with hearing or speech disabilities in Virginia—and potential customers—who will have confidence when they contact your business. They know you will be familiar with Virginia Relay calls. It's truly a win-win combination for businesses and Relay users alike.

Virginia Relay Partner provides free educational materials to help you learn about taking and placing Relay calls. Every effort has been made to provide information that not only is useful, but also is easy to adapt for use within your organization. We encourage you to use the materials as a regular part of employee training. Your participation in Virginia Relay Partner is important to the program’s overall success. We have included contact information in case you need further assistance.

If you would prefer to have a Virginia Relay representative make a free, onsite training presentation at your business, please call 1-800-552-7917 (Voice/TTY). Or e-mail

NOTE: To effectively use the online materials, we recommend  that you, or the training facilitator, first review both the Employer and Employee versions of the training guides. Then, you should view the training video. The video, "Virginia Relay Partner: Making Beneficial Business Connections" goes through the steps for a Relay call in a simple, easy-to-follow format. A printable .pdf file of the Employee's guide has been provided, so hard copies can be distributed among employees.

Click on the item (left) you would like to use. A page will open with a brief explanation about that piece of the training materials.