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Logo Use/Request


Logo Use/Request

Advertising and Logo Use Guidelines for Virginia Relay Partner

Several high-resolution versions as well as color versions of the logo have been provided. Please click on the version and format best suited to your needs.

Full Color File Name: varelaypart.jpg
B&W File Name: varelaypart_bw.jpg

Suggested Use: JPG format is useful for Web sites, graphic e-mails, Power Point® Presentations and other multi-media formats. JPG’s tend to have lower resolution, so if you are sending a file to be professionally printed, it is best to use either a TIFF or EPS.

Full Color File Name: varelaypart.tif
B&W File Name: varelaypart_bw.tif

Suggested Use: TIFF format files are useful for importing into page layouts. Remember to never use the file at a larger size than the one that has been provided here.

Two Color File Name: varelaypart.eps
B&W File Name: varelaypart_bw.eps

Suggested Use: EPS format is useful for importing into page layouts. Also, EPS files are good for large format printing, such as for posters or signs. This EPS logo has been provided in PMS colors. The PMS colors are PMS 123 (yellow) and PMS 2766 (blue). These colors may not be substituted or changed.

Questions? If you are having difficulty with any of these files and require assistance, contact us.