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The Virginia Relay Partner Kit - Developed with your Business in Mind

The Virginia Relay Partner Kit was carefully developed to help your business make the most of the program. You or your training facilitator should review the materials prior to going over them with your employees.

Learning about the Relay call process will help your business become comfortable with taking and placing calls. It is important to review all kit materials as well as the training video—they were designed to work in support of each other.

We are also giving you easy online access to our Partner Kit and other materials so that you and your employees can review them with ease.

Partner Kit
(pdf) - Includes background information about Virginia Relay, calling features, steps for receiving and making Virginia Relay calls, calling tips and frequently asked questions about deafness and Virginia Relay. This document is provided as a printable pdf file for distribution among your employees.

Newsletter Article - This sample article can be used in your organization’s internal communications. The article explains your participation in Virginia Relay Partner.

Poster (pdf) - A small (8.5 x 11) poster has been provided to post in training rooms, individual departments and break rooms, on bulletin boards and wherever tips for using Virginia Relay would come in handy. This document is provided as a printable pdf file for distribution. It is provided in color, but will print on a black and white printer as well.

Feedback Form (pdf) - Please take a moment to provide us with some information about your involvement with Virginia Relay Partner. This document is printable and should be mailed to the address on the bottom of the form.